CGMFA members are supported by Lucideon

CGFMA members are supported by Lucideon, the international materials development and commercialisation organisation who provide independent testing for chimneys, dormers and bay roofs.

The relationship with CGFMA and Lucideon began when the CGFMA was founded. it is a unique arrangement whereby members submit their products for NHBC approved, customised testing regimes developed by Lucideon. Consequently, membership of the industry body demonstrates a commitment to quality through Lucideon’s independent testing which has the confidence of the major insurer.

Through its offices and state-of-the-art laboratories in the UK, US and Far East, Lucideon provides materials and assurance expertise to a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, construction, ceramics and power generation.

Lucideon supports some of the world’s leading construction projects, from the new safe confinement (NSC) at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, to landmark redevelopments in London at Liverpool Street Station and Battersea Power Station.

Lucideon is inevitably involved in the development of customised testing regimes for new products or to support new standards and regulations, some of which become industry norms, as for example, the insulation of park homes to meet modern standards and regulations requirements, to facilitate insurance cover.

The arrangement with the CGFMA was the first time Lucideon has dealt with an industry association to generate testing as a membership requirement. The key to the arrangement was the capability of Lucideon to test the durability of systems, their structural stability and water tightness under extreme weather conditions. The longstanding relationship between Lucideon and the NHBC meant that there was immediate confidence that the testing regime would be robust; this has continued to be proven over the years since it has been in place.

Lucideon is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory (No. 0013) in the UK and a Notified Body (NB 1289) under the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 for the assessment and verification of construction products.

For more information about Lucideon’s services for the construction industry, visit their website.


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